The textual-theological and critical-philosophical approach to morality and politics : A comparative study of Ghazali and Kant


This paper will delineate the fundamental structure of textual-theological rationality (hadarah al-nass) as experienced by Ghazali in the Muslim’s world and the philosophical rationality (hadarah al-falsafah) as experienced by Immanuel Kant in the western tradition. Both of them will be carefully compared and closely analyzed their implication and relevance in responding the problem of morality and politics to reach a perpetual peace in the contemporary era.
The textual-theological rationality will find itself in a grave difficulty to separate morality from politics and easily lead to religious scripturalism or textualism, not to say fundamentalism, while the philosophical rationality will have its own ability to distinguish in a clear dialectical way the area of the basic principle of morality and the arena of the daily praxis of politics. The idea of separation between state and religion in western tradition is mistakenly misunderstood by the Muslim theologian and politician as well who puts much emphasis on the interwovenness of religion and state.
In spite of difficulty confronted by Muslim political community, due to the rise of education in the Muslim world, the new generation of Muslim political thinkers willingly consider the importance of having a new “enlightened” political thought (al-aql al-siyasy al-jadid al-istitla’i) and not merely satisfyingly being trapped by the theo-political rationality (al-aql al-siyasy al-lahuty) in the global village nowadays.

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Columbus Was (Not) The First To Cross The Atlantic

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The Crusades

Part 1: Invasion

Part 2: Occupation

Part 3: Liberation

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The historical roots of Islamophobia in Albania

In a recent publication from the Council of Europe, Islamophobia has been defined as: ‘a fear of, or prejudiced viewpoint towards Islam, Muslims and matters pertaining to them. Whether it takes the shape of daily forms of racism and discrimination or more violent forms, Islamophobia is a violation of human rights and a threat to social cohesion’.[1] Islamophobia as a term first appeared in an essay by the orientalist scholar Etienne Dinet in L’Orient vu de l’Occident (1922). However the term became common parlance in defining the discrimination faced by Muslims in Western Europe only in the 1990s.[2]

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E Martë, 6 Korrik 2010, 15:30Shkruan: Olsi Jazexhi

Al-Kawthari - The Last Shaykh-ul-Islam of Islamic Caliphate

Muhammad Zahid ibn Hasan al-Kawthari al-Hanafi al-Ash‘ari (1296-1371), the adjunct to the last Shaykh al-Islam of the Ottoman Caliphate and a major Hanafi jurist praised by Imam Muhammad Abu Zahra as a Reviver (mujaddid) of the fourteenth Islamic century. He studied under his father as well as the scholar of Qur’an and hadith Ibrahim Haqqi (d. 1345), Shaykh Zayn al-‘Abidin al-Alsuni (d. 1336), Shaykh Muhammad Khalis al-Shirwani, al-Hasan al-Aztuwa’i, and others. When the Caliphate fell he moved to Cairo, then Sham, then Cairo again until his death, where the late Shaykhs ‘Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghudda and ‘Abd Allah al-Ghumari became his students. Following is his prestigious chain of transmission in fiqh:

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E Dielë, 23 Maj 2010, 12:48Shkruan: Dr. Gibril Fouad Haddad

Reinventing America's Relations With the Muslim World

BOOK REVIEW: Relations between the 'Muslim world' and the 'West' have rapidly deteriorated in recent years, and, despite repeated calls for dialogue, they only seem to be further worsening. That this bodes ill for everyone-not just Muslims and Westerners-is too obvious to need any explanation. This book is a passionate appeal for putting an immediate halt to this rapid downslide, and to work towards promoting meaningful dialogue between Muslims and the 'West', specifically America.

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E Dielë, 16 Maj 2010, 10:48Shkruan: Yoginder Sikand

AL-ALBANI : A Concise Guide to the Chief Innovator of Our Time

Nasir al-Albani is the arch-innovator of the Wahhabis and "Salafis" in our time. A watch repairman by trade, al-Albani is a self-taught claimant to hadith scholarship who has no known teacher in any of the Islamic sciences and has admitted not to have memorized the Book of Allah nor any book of hadith, fiqh, `aqîda, usûl, or grammar. He achieved fame by attacking the great scholars of Ahl al-Sunna and reviling the science of fiqh with especial malice towards the school of his father who was a Hanafi jurist.

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Spain Imams Launch Umbrella Body

VALENCIA – Spanish Muslims launched this week an independent, self-regulatory body to train imams in the southern European country.
“The Islamic Union of Imams and Preachers in Spain is the fruit of strenuous efforts of Muslim imams over the past years,” chairman Sheikh Alaa Said told on Monday, October 26.

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E Enjte, 29 Tetor 2009, 21:11Shkruan: Hany Salah, IOL Correspondent

Arabic Introduces Islam to Ukrainians

KIEV – Forty-five weekly schools that teach the Arabic language are gaining popularity among Ukrainian intellectuals and are helping introducing them to Islam and its civilization.

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E Enjte, 29 Tetor 2009, 21:09Shkruan: Hani Salah, IOL Correspondent

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